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Saar Consultancy is a group of three

1.Saar Career Consultancy Private Limited

2.Saar Consultants

3.Saar Consultancy

That came into being back in 2004. Based in Kaithal Haryana we are well known as the area’s best Study Consultants thanks to our services. We have direct ties with over a hundred of universities and colleges round the world offering a range of courses in different fields of education. With more than a decade of experience, a number of qualifications For Education Agent and certification from standardized organizations, our clients always get and can expect the best of services.


Mr. Sanjay Grover, being both, a man of words and a man of action too, founded Saar Career Consultancy Pvt Ltd in 2004 in Kaithal. This was the time, when the student-community here in this small city was completely unaware about the study visa or the education outside India. This man dared to start a drive to educate the area people for planning their education and career in developed countries. Even though the selection of such a new line of career in a small city like Kaithal (Haryana) could have been disastrous as a career, he never was dejected or frustrated by the initial setbacks or hardships that came his way. Eventually success followed these initial failures

Marching ahead and being a One Man Army, Mr. Grover made his own decision, planned his course of action himself and brought about a collective success for himself and the company. Soon the company had evolved into a substantial unit with a team of professionals with a sole motive to serve mankind to the maximum extent by honest and dedicated work.

With a view to collect the first- hand knowledge of the student and work culture of the world’s most developed countries, Mr. Grover applied and obtained \ Visas to travel USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, NEWZEALAND, PARIS, SWITZERLAND and SINGAPORE. While his stay there in these countries, he visited the leading Colleges and Universities and proposed to them to work together for the good of the students in India. In this way, he established ties with around 200 institutes across the world. This he did as he did not want to take any chance concerning the future of the students, and that’s why he himself visited the colleges/universities to check their credibility.

As a man of standards and professionalism he is, he has acquired the membership of AARIE (Australia), IEAA (Australia) and Certification of ISO 900:2008 for the company so as to stay updated.

Thanks to Mr. Grover’s consistent efforts, Saar Career Consultancy Pvt Ltd. is now the most happening, trusted, and successful Brand of the area. So far in his career, he has the credit to have placed many thousands of Students Globally. ‘Students’ interests come first and anything else comes second’ with this motto in mind, he directs his staff to work more for the qualitative progress than the quantitative one. He is committed to eradicate poverty through placing the students to right educational courses leading to sparkling careers ahead.


Rajender Kumar Jindal at Saar Career Consultancy is perfectly cut out for IELTS, English Language Training and Study Visa Counselling.
Having Graduated in Arts (English Hons.), he then had a Master Degree in English from Kurukshetra University. However,later ,following his interest in teaching, he received Voice ‘n’ Accent Training and Training for IELTS from New-Delhi that is certified by International Board of Standards for Training, Performance and Instruction. Along his career he has been awarded with the Training Certificate of Achievement by IDP Australia and Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Apart from being an excellent motivator for his trainees, he is an outstanding trainer and facilitator for IELTS, PTE, Voice ‘n’ Accent and English Language. Over his nine-year career as a trainer, he has successfully trained and helped over three thousands of IELTS students and close to one hundred IELTS Trainee-trainers. While his sessions are long, they are interesting, interactive and fun-filled. A passionate, well informed and a 35-year young trainer as he is, he knows no fatigue and does not compromise when it comes to students’ interest and their learning. Owing to his long experience and vast-knowledge base, he does not just teach, he simply plays with the contents. That’s the reason; his classes are thoroughly enjoyable and much awaited by his trainees.

Student Visa is another area of his interest, which he regards as a research. He’s very keenly interested in gathering key information and facts about the global student culture, overseas working conditions, career options abroad and settlement opportunities. To this effect, he has been studying the related contents and sitting the prescribed Assessment Tests over the past three years. Mr. Rajender Jindal has successfully completed several Tests: the CANADA Course for Education Agents Formal Test, the Education Agent Training Course (Australia) and Education Agent Training (by Education New Zealand). He is now a CANADA COURSE GRADUATE (CCEA: CCG00205), Qualified Education Agent Counsellor (QEAC No. J234) and Education New Zealand Trained Agent (March 2015). Thus, his prime motive is to provide well informed guidance and counselling to the prospective students based on the international standards.

His sessions are not merely limited to the students but they are for the Visa/ IELTS counsellors and IELTS Trainers at SAAR CAREER CONSULTANCY. Conducted weekly, these sessions help them brush up their skills, thus adding to their productivity as part of the Company. He is determined to make your IELTS & Student Visa experience pleasant locally and that of education, effortless globally.

Our Mission

We are determined to give our customers the top priority. We are aimed to give the best services to our clients’ at the most competitive service fees. Our goal is to be the preferred and most trusted immigration services company.

Our Values

We always foster fair dealing and honest working. In our effort to place the students in the right institute we never encourage or guide our students for fake documentations or taking resource to other corrupt practices. Treat every client with utmost care, confidentiality and highest degree of ethical conduct.

Why Choose Saar

Saar represents the TOP Universities/Colleges in Australia and anywhere in the world. Our experienced and expert counselors handle all the customers quite diligently and competently in line with the latest standards. They are very much conscious and consult the lawyers and experts in the target country which, thus, maximize the chances of the visa success. We at SAAR charge the most reasonable fees, and make it clear to the clients well in advance as to how and when we charge these fees.

Feel the difference of working with our team of friendly experienced professionals. We invite you to call, email or visit us for all of your Visa or IELTS needs.

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