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Cyprus, an island in the eastern Mediterranean, has rich, turbulent history stretching back to antiquity. Known for its beaches, it has a rugged interior with wine-growing regions.

A can – do Business Environment.

4th Higher in Education & Training as per the International ranking (Source: Forum Report 2015-16).

45th ranked in Technological readiness

15.6% Unemployment rate (2015) Estimate13.3% in 2017

Crime 0.92 per 100 persons

5th Best Relocation Country (Source: Knight Frank Global Lifestyle Review)

Ranks 47th out of 189 economies in terms of Business report.

Average time to start up a business 1-3 days.

GDP Growth 1.2%

A Year or more on a beautiful and historic island.

High-quality academics and a flexible curriculum

Inclusive fees and great program value.

Thriving Hotel & Tourism Industry.

Paid Internships in Hotel & Tourism Industry.

Low Tuition Fees & Worldwide acceptable Degrees.

The student can transfer to study in Canada for further study.

Fact File


Time :+2 Ahead of GMT

Official language :Greek and Turkish

Area /Size:9251 KM2 (3,355 KM2 in the occupied area.)

Annual rainfall:790.1mm

Sunshine:340 days of sunshine/ year

Independence day:1st October

Average Temp:130 C (Winters)340 C(Summers)

Total population:8, 65,900. Cypriot-78.6%, Non-Cypriots 21.4%

Population density:124.9 persons/KM2

Year of EU entry:2004

Political system:Republic

Capital city:Nicosia


CYPRUS Education system/Type of Institutions The universities and institutions in Cyprus offer world-class study options at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Besides these universities, there are various institutions offering a wide range of courses.

Undergraduate Degrees: The normal undergraduate degree is, generally, three to four years in duration. A few universities also offer Honors degrees. Postgraduate Degrees: The Master degrees usually take 1.5 to 2years of study.


Allapplicants who are intending to study in Cyprus must have completed a secondary level education or the equivalent of twelve years of schooling to get admission in the universities of Cyprus for undergraduate level or Bachelors level. Similarly the students must complete the undergraduate level education or Bachelors level Education to get admission for the post graduate level.

Application forms and other information about admission requirements for the universities or colleges of Cyprus can be obtained from the Office of Admissions of respective college or university.


With or without IELTS can apply.


Nationals of any country coming to Cyprus for studies must receive student’s permit through the Migration Officer, prior to arrival. Applications should be submitted by the directors of the schools.

The visa process time for Cyprus may be up to 1 month. Therefore, students are requested to apply 2-3 months prior to the date of enrollment for study.


Living Cost for International Students in Cyprus.

Off-Campus Accommodation
The private apartments are generally situated in quiet neighborhoods just off the universities/colleges. The buildings mostly have one and two bedroom apartments designed to provide privacy and independence to students. Each apartment has its own living and dining area, kitchen and bathroom, which are fully furnished with single beds, desks, book shelves, chest of drawers, wardrobes, dining table & chairs. The kitchen is equipped with a cooker, oven and a refrigerator. All apartments have controlled heating and air conditioning units. Cost of living in off campus living for 12 months generally ranges from $ 3,000 to $ 5,000.

Private Accommodation
If you do not want to live in the universities/colleges housing units you can apply to the Office of Student Affairs for listings of houses located in nearby areas. Such housing can only be arranged when you will already be in Cyprus. The cost of a furnished apartment can range from $400 to &500 per month. You will need to sign a 12-month contract and in addition to the monthly rent there will be added charges for water, electricity and telephone expenses.

  • Legally, all students can work part time for 40 hours fortnightly.

  • Post Study Work options
  • Citizenship: Can apply for it after 7 Years of Legal Stay.
    Work Permit: Can enter into contract with Employer.

  • Intakes:
    Fee is around 4500 Euros per year depending upon course and university.

    Living cost: Cost of living in off campus living for 12 months generally ranges from € 2,000 to € 3,000

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