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Why Saar

We offer the best price if you have plans to holiday abroad. Our tour packages are not hard on your pocket but we take a step extra so that your stay in your dream country is a memorable one. The hotels we have ties with, are of International Repute and leading Brands. The city tours have the inclusions of the pleasant surprises and are beyond your expectations. We claim to offer the fast services at lowest prices.


Tourists prefer to visit Dubai for its spectacular beaches, resorts and hotels. Dubai is a low crime rate country making it to be the safest tourist attraction. It also attracts business officials due to various opportunities. And finally, there are a plethora of entertainment options suited to all tastes, cultures and budgets.

Best time to Visit Dubai

Trip can be planned to Dubai during its cooler months i.e. between November and April. The temperature lies between 24-35°c keeping the evenings warm and winter chill. Also refreshing rain showers can be enjoyed during these months.

A trip to the beautiful tourist place Dubai can be avoided for a holiday that involve lots of shopping, dining and fun especially during the months of Ramadan, when the strict rules of Islam are applicable against smoking, drinking and eating and staying outside for long hours. As a consequence, the rates of almost all the hotels drop down up to 70% during this time where you are requested to follow the rules of the festival. If you want to eat during the day time then you are requested to eat somewhere indoors or else to close the windows of the restaurants and cafes while having food.

Avoid the period between June and September because the scorching sun may spoil your outdoor activities like beach games, safari and camel riding.

Overall,the very best time to visit the UAE is between September and May.

Key Attractions


Dubai's landmark building is the BurjKhalifa, which at 829.8 m is the tallest building in the world. From the top of the building visitors get a view of deserts on one side and ocean on the other side.

Burj al-Arab

It is the world’s tallest hotel and one of the costliest hotel .its luxurious suites cost around $15,000 a night.

Dubai Museum

It is located at the Al-Fahidi fort. The museum was the residence of earlier ruling parties but now it is opened for the general public to showcase the Emirati culture and tradition.

Bastakiya (Old Dubai)

Earlier, the building was a house to Persian merchants to trade diamonds and gems but now it is a heritage to display Arabian architecture and furniture.

Palm Jumeirah | The impossible island

It is a man-made miracle. The island is beautifully carved into the shape of a palm tree. Which holds various hotels and world class buildings.

The Dubai Mall

It is covered in 7 km. of land area. The mall is beautifully architectured with a glass covering on top in summers to allow the mall be completely weather proof and opened in winters to keep it cool. Moreover the mall is too big to explore in a day.

Deira Souks

it is the world’s largest gold market .Apart from selling gold the Deira souks is also an attraction for foreign traders and customers.

Jumeirah Mosque

it is the most beautiful mosque of the Dubai. The mosque looks admirable when lit with flood light. Also, a tour of the mosque is organized every evening by the mosque committee to guide the visitors about the Islamic faith.

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