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Why Saar

We offer the best price if you have plans to holiday abroad. Our tour packages are not hard on your pocket but we take a step extra so that your stay in your dream country is a memorable one. The hotels we have ties with, are of International Repute and leading Brands. The city tours have the inclusions of the pleasant surprises and are beyond your expectations. We claim to offer the fast services at lowest prices.

Why Thailand

Thailand attracts millions of visitors every year due to its scenic beauty. People love to visit Thailand because of its affordability. Apart from it the Thai food is really an awesome attraction for the visitors and its cozy lifestyle and beautiful and friendly people are really welcoming to the visitors.

Best time to Visit Thailand

Thailand can be visited throughout the year because it has favorable weather conditions. Moreover, the season can be divided into rainy, hot and cool season. Overall Thailand can be called a hot city . But still, the people who want to enjoy cool weather may visit Thailand from November to February. Those fond of summers can go from March to june and rain showers are enjoyable from July to October.

Key Attractions

Floating Markets near Bangkok

These markets are a fascinating experience for the visitors because one would fall in love with the aromatic seafood sold on the boats. The visitors too come sailing in boats to buy the authentic Thai dishes. The most famous markets are Amphawa, DamnoenSaduak,. KhlongLatMayom, Taling Chan,. Bang Nam Phueng

Siam Ocean World

you can explore the underwater world underneath the glitzy Siam Paragon shopping mall. wild aquatic animals can be viewed here like otters, giant water rats,dolphins and shark. It’s a fun filled experience among the aquatic life and plants.

Grand Palace & WatPrakeaw

Grandpalace contains various beautiful architectural buildings which areWatPhraKaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha), which contains the small, very famous and greatly revered Emerald Buddha that dates back to the 14th century.

Erawan Museum in Bangkok (The Three-Headed Elephant Statue):-

It's a splendid, towering beast: 250 tons in weight, 29 metres high, 39 metres long, and cast in a pure green-hued copper. From conception to completion it took almost ten years to construct. With a proud, war-like demeanor and trunks the size of ancient Banyan Trees, this is an epic image of Hindu mythology's Airavata (otherwise known as Erawan) you'll never forget.

Kidzania Bangkok at Siam Paragon (Kid's Dream Jobs Come True In Bangkok)

It’s a latest concept through edutainment means to guide the children about various jobs and professions. Kids will really know ‘how –they-do-it’. In other words, through practical modals kids can have a feel of professions like doctor, engineer, scientist etc. kids will have a never ending fun here.

Bangkok’s Grand Palace

The Grand Palace complex was built for the new capital; a 218,000-square-meter walled city comprised of royal residences, throne halls, government offices, Buddhist temples, and priceless works of art. Elephant Nature Park:-it’s a park which is made for the rescue and reservation of injured and sick elephants. visitors will get a chance to feed, care and observe the sick elephants.

Tiger Kingdom

The park rears the tigers of all ages from young cubs to aged tigers. Visitors will get a chance to observe the tigers closely since the tigers are completely harmless due to human and hand nurturing than being nurtured wildly.

Bo Sang Umbrella Village

The visitors can see the crafting and carving of umbrellas made by local Thai people. Umbrellas can be purchased at a cheaper price than the showroom.

Chiang Rai White Temple

It’s a Buddhist temple which is completely different in architectural structure that the traditional Buddhist worship places . moreover, the temple is painted fully in white colour which gives it a unique look. The coffee shops, restaurants and souvenirs can also be purchased from the temple.

Long Neck Hill Tribe Villages

The visit to this tribal village can surprise you a bit because of the awkward dress and brass coils wore around the neck by the tribal ladies. At the same time art and craft work pieces can be purchased as souvenir of the village.

Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle Park is an area about 45 minutes north of Chiang Rai where the Mekong River separates Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. For many years this was a major Opium production region, but the crop has since been eradicated from the area. Stop by the Golden Triangle monument (pictured), then head to the Hall of Opium Museum down the road. The museum was commissioned by the Thai royal family in their efforts to educate the public on the history of the opium industry and its effects on opium users.

KhaoYai National Park

It Is Thailand’s one of the largest park . This park is a home to various Asian elephants, gibbons and other species of animals.

Sukhothai Historical Park

The Sukhothai Historical Park is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a magnificent place to explore by bicycle, car, or walking tour. Within the park there are several imposing structures. These include WatMahatat, the park’s largest temple (pictured), the unusual three-pillared Wat Si Sawai temple, and PraAchana Buddha at Wat Si Chun. WATCH VIDEO: Where to Stay in Sukhothai, Thailand: Le Charme Hotel.

Monkey Temples of Lopburi

This temple attracts tourists due to the fact of being surrounded by the monkeys. The macaques are found in almost every place of temple and they are fed by the tourists .

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