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Best time to visit Canada

Canada has many climate variations as other nations like it has Spring, Summer , Winter and Autumn seasons. Each season encompasses some special activities for the tourists.

Summers are considered to be the best time to enjoy the beauty of this country. Warm days and cool nights, humid coastal areas are the best part of this season. Mountain tracking, tourist trails, city tours and some famous places are preferred to experience during this season. Apart from theses, many festivals including Calgary Stampede, Montreal jazz festivals fall in the months of June to August.

Winters, on the other hand has its own charm. November to March experience strong winds and snowfall. Skiing and other winter sports add to the pleasure this season gives to the tourists. Not only this, guests enjoy the famous festival called Winter Carnival.

Spring and autumn seasons offer milder temperatures. These seasons enrich the scenic beauty of the country because of the tulips and daffodils which blossom in the months of April to May and September to October only.

Key Attractions

The country’s largest city, Toronto is a hub of museums, galleries and many other major tourist destinations. The city center is easy to explore as all the attractions are within the walking distance. However, a metro system is also available to cover longer distances.

CN Tower

CN Tower is the famous landmark which stands 533 meter into the sky. It attracts all kinds of people whether adventurous or unadventurous. Unadventurous people can enjoy a café on the glass floor and have a beautiful view of lake Ontario and other areas of the city.
Whereas, adventurous people can go high by two elevators and enjoy a revolving 360 restaurant where lunch and dinner is available for the visitors. Inspite of dining, these people can enjoy “Edge Walk” which is a hands-free walk on a 1.5 meter wide ledge around the outside edge of the main pod.

Royal Ontario Museum

A royal museum named as Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums in Canada. It is a museum of art, world culture and ancient history from minerals to dinosaurs and contains huge collection of design and art including clothing, interior and many others. The exhibitions displays collections of variety of periods internationally.

Rogers Center

Rogers Center is a stadium that is intended for every kind of sport specifically baseball and football. Besides games, it is renowned for trade fairs, concerts, monster truck shows and so on. Its dome structure includes a roof which can be opened as per the weather. Also, it is big enough to accommodate thousands of spectators.

Art Gallery Of Ontario

One of the most noted gallery in Canada is AGO containing mainly Canadian art. It organizes temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The particulars encompass photography collection, sculptures etc.

Niagara Falls

Apart from all the man-made attractions, one of the most famous natural allurement is Niagara Falls that separates US and Canada. Two waterfalls, lying on the Canadian side , and American Falls, lying on the American side. Besides its natural beauty, it is an important source of hydroelectric power. Guests can enjoy the rides in boats and barrels.

Banff National Park And The Rocky Mountains

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest National Park with snow-capped peaks, glaciers and green lakes. The icefields walkway extends from Lake Louise to Jasper National Park where visitors can stroll easily. On the other hand, Banff is also famous for sports in winters with the availability of all the facilities such as lodging, shopping and restaurants. Highlights include alpine skiing, horseback riding, camping, climbing, hiking and many others.

Old Quebec

Old Quebec contains one of the most noted historic buildings namely the Upper and The Lower town. It is known as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is the most visited historical building in the country offering several facilities like shops, restaurants and museums.


Whistler, a resort town, is just two hours away from Vancouver. It has always been an important sports arena in winters developing into summer destinations for activities like mountain biking, alpine skiing and snowboarding. All accommodation, hotels like facilities are available to enjoy its scenic beauty more.

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