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Why Saar

We offer the best price if you have plans to holiday abroad. Our tour packages are not hard on your pocket but we take a step extra so that your stay in your dream country is a memorable one. The hotels we have ties with, are of International Repute and leading Brands. The city tours have the inclusions of the pleasant surprises and are beyond your expectations. We claim to offer the fast services at lowest prices.

Why Australia

Australia, the smallest continent and the biggest island, is a hub of tourist destinations fascinating millions of people each year. Not only this, Australia is a dream country of many people as it is rich in flora and fauna. The coastal areas of Sydney and Melbourne, its wildlife, reefs, national parks are some of the major attractions. Also, this multicultural continent offers a variety of shopping centers, amazing dining places and its friendly people.

Best time to visit Australia

Australia’s size is similar to that of US but it’s quite different in terms of climate. It has variant climate the whole year like summer covers the months of December to February, winters from May to August, spring from September to November and autumn from March to May. Northern hemisphere is hot the year-round but December to February are the best months to explore the north. Whereas, Southern hemisphere can be explored easily in the months of June to August.

So to have a really enjoyable, relaxing and amazing tour, spring and autumn seasons are preferred as it avoids crowd of summers and cold of winters and offers a peaceful environment and cheap accommodations. On the other hand, for adventurous people winters are best to enjoy snowboarding and diving like activities and rock concerts and food festivals in summers.

Key Attractions

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House, a huge and beautifully designed shell like structure, is now recognized as World Heritage Site. Millions of tourists come here to have a glimpse of this amazing building surrounded by water which contains theatres, cinemas, restaurants, studios, exhibition rooms and a concert hall.

Great Barrier Reef

One of the biggest living structures visible from the outer space is Great Barrier Reef which is a well protected marine site in the world containing more than 3000 coral reefs, 600 islands and many sea creatures including sharks, dolphins and many others. The beautiful coral reefs, beaches and islands offer a spectacular view to the nature lovers and also a colorful underwater view to the others.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge is the world’s biggest steel arch bridge in the world containing 2 railway tracks and 8 lanes for road traffic alongwith a pedestrian which can be switched to accommodate traffic flow. Apart from being a linking factor of north harbor and business district, it gives wonderful views over the harbor and the city.

Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is a major tourist attraction of Melbourne which is just 15 minutes away from the city center. Its uniqueness lies in its location and the facilities provided to the guests as it gives a chance to the guests to stroll seaside, enjoy the meal at the restaurants having a spectacular view of beach, the wonderful Sunday markets and skate park. Besides this, it also facilitates the locals with a swimming club where they can remain fit by swimming in the winters. Swimming and surfing are the most enjoyable activities for the tourists.

Fraser island

Fraser Island is the world’s largest sand island offering four-wheel adventures. It gives some of the best fishing experiences in the world and wonderful eco-adventures. Fraser Island boasts luxurious, relaxing and natural accommodation experiences. It offers a wide range of fishes, horses, bats and several other species of birds that are available throughout the year .


Cairns is the main entry point for Great Barrier Reef visits. Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world. It stretches about 80 million acres along the North East Australian Coast. It is home to some of the world’s rarest sea organisms and here you have opportunity to see them and observe them.

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